To print or not to print

It is not unusual that I go to calls I hear on the scanner that don’t amount to anything. More often than not, what sounds like something that will make great photos turns out to be unfounded, fabricated or I just miss the moment that would make a good photo.  Others turn out to be nothing like what was reported.  I would estimate that more than half the time, I take photos that never make it into print or on our website.  That does not mean that there is nothing going on, but what transpires is not what we would publish or there is some other reason we choose not to go with it.  Case in point is last night when I was working late, deleting files from my hard drive.  I have just about filled yet another.  My shift ended at 9, and it was just a little before 10 when a call came over the scanner for an armed robbery on Knox Street. I went over to check it out and shot some video, click here to watch, but there were no arrests and no information available from police before we went to press, so it was a case of not having enough information to publish.  Hopefully Mark LaFlamme will get something tonight.

ImageOften I get to a scene and after talking to people on the street, police and other city officials, there is either not enough information available to publish, or the incident simply does not warrant our attention. While I was just about to leave the Knox Street scene, a call came over the scanner for a woman down and not breathing on Blake Street, just around the corner.  Fellow reporter Andie Hannon and I took off to see what was up.  When we arrived on scene, we were confronted by some very agitated young men.  They threatened to bring a lawsuit and said we could not photograph the scene if they told us we could not.  We tried to explain to them that we did in fact have the right to do so, and that only seemed to make them more incensed.  They talked to a police officer on the scene and he told them the same.  We found out from other “officials” at the scene that the woman, a 18 year old who is well known to police, was not having any kind of medical crisis, and felt she was having an anxiety attack.  So, while there was a police presence, fire and ambulance, a public “spectacle” that many driving past or living in the neighborhood would want to know about, it was not something we would publish.  Scenes like this play out every day all over town and we can not publish photos or stories from every scene.  I tried to explain that to the angry friends of the girl on the ground and tell them that I was not trying to be insensitive, and it was just my job to be here, and that it probably would not make it into the newspaper.  I am pretty sure that message did not get through. Some days I make enemies doing my job, others, I make friends for life.  Just another day on the job.


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