All work and no play makes Russ a very dull boy.


With my two oldest boys away or committed to other projects, I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my youngest son Chris.  We had nothing planned except some tennis and going out to Taylor Pond to swim and fish.  However, my brother in law, Steve Hecker, called Sat. AM and asked we wanted to come over and swim in his pool.  Just two weeks ago some knuckleheads from M-T pools came over to fix a leak in his above ground pool.  They stopped the leak… creating a Tsunami.  The pool exploded, flooded his basement, ruined his deck and left a wake of destruction from his backyard to the street.  But that’s another story.  He got it fixed, through Future Pools, who did a fabulous job, and invited my family over to swim.  Everyone but Chris and I were busy, so we brought over some vittles: beverages….adult and teen (Mountain Dew…diet).  We had a great afternoon swimming and at dusk, headed home, grabbed our rackets and took off for the courts at LHS.  Steve and Pam were planning to take their boat out to Winthrop with some other friends and relatives the next day and invited us.  The weather was beautiful and the water was fantastic.  We played frisbee on the green with a band playing in the gazebo.  Burgers, kabobs and kielbasa on the grill and off for more swimming.  Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you so much Pam and Steve.

Click here to check out a short video from Sunday’s fun.


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