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Why did the turtle cross the road?

road turtleI am not chicken to bring up this age old question.  Especially when I have photographic evidence.  I was cruising around Turner this afternoon, looking for a feature photo.  I had an assignment to photograph some old guys putting flags on the poles for the 4th of July festivities this weekend.  They finished early, so twernt nothing to shoot. I had an hour to burn until my next assignment, so I did what I do so often.  Cruise, explore and look for stuff to shoot.

I was winding my way around an old road that led to nowhere, and spotted this fellow in the middle.  Didn’t want the answer to the question of why did he cross the road to be… get splattered.  So, I decided to take my “lunch break” from work at that moment.  Because, if I was working, I could never interfere with the situation.  A photojournalist does not manipulate situations.  They don’t get involved.  So, I was just being “nature boy” as a fellow colleague once ordained me.  I stopped the car and watched him crawl from the side of the road with the little brook to the pond across the street.

As I got closer, I noticed two slimy black nodes on his back, curling up into a ball.  So, I realized why he was crossing the road. To get the damn leaches off his back and leave them behind.turtle leach


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