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Crabby old man has change of heart

Four overtimes at the first game of the 2014 high school basketball I covered and I was put in my place. It’s one of the most exciting events I cover year after year, but after 30 plus years covering it, I had to be reminded how lucky I am to be a part of it.  Closer to the action than anybody except the teams and officials, getting paid to document the excitement, I had the gall to complain.  Long day, blah, blah blah, crabby old man.  Walking back to the media table at the Augusta Civic Center to download my photos after a thrilling conclusion, I grumbled some callous remark about being painful to one of the most accomplished and respected sports writers I have ever met, and have the pleasure to work with.  I don’t remember the exact words, but when Kalle Oakes simply said, “I thought it was rather exciting”SPToxSKOWgh01P021514 I felt like a spoiled kid in the candy store complaining that I could only get the second biggest candy bar.  A vision of the fat kid morphed with the spoiled girl in Willy Wonka flashed into my head.  When I walked into the auditorium, past the people waiting to buy tickets, flashing my credentials, with my freeking name printed on it for cripes sakes,  I thought I was all that, but soon after I was whining wah wah wah.  Being the late guy this past week, I have had to cover game after game after game of the high school basketball tournament.  Watching hearts broken and dreams come true, I get to witness moments that will be the highlight of many kids lives. I found new vigor to capture it for them with my photographs.  Most photographers “working” for the other publications only post a handful of photos from each game.  I make it a point to upload dozens to our galleries in hopes not to make a buck for the company, although it helps keep me employed, but that they might be a keepsake for a kid or more likely, their mom or dad…or grandparent. hoop1 Perhaps not.  But I cling to the thought the moments I capture might immortalize, or at least entertain for a moment.  Some say it is just sports.  News is more important.  Perhaps for some, but for others, it is the only reason they buy our paper or read it online.  So, I try to bring the same passion and effort in every assignment, every day.  Thank you Kal for reminding me of this.  Here are a few other photos I have taken since my last blog that I am proud of.


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