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Mystery 100

mystery001Mystery photo for December 15, 2013My first mystery photo ran in the new bsec of our Sunday edition on June 25, 2006.  400 photos later, it has grown in the space it is given in the newspaper and the amount of copy I am allowed to publish.  The basic layout has not changed.  Every Sunday, we publish a large photo of the new mystery photo and a thumbnail of the previous  week’s photo.

In the beginning, we would simply reveal where the previous week’s photo was taken and who was chosen as the winner.  After a few years of me talking up some of the stories I heard on the voice mail and email entries, I convinced the editors to allow me to print not only some background on the photo, but often when contacted to let them know they won, I would hear stories about their connection with the building, statue, monument or whatnot.  Some are really good.  I have kept them all in a folder, and a few weeks ago I went through and chose my top 100.  Mystery photo for October 7, 2012Since then, I have added more, and plan to continue when I have an interesting photo or a great story.  Take a peek at the gallery I created on my personal website by clicking on

mystery photo gallery link.




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