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Methadone story

Today I went to St. Mary’s Hospital to shoot a video of an interview with a rehab doctor. He had some interesting insight and theories about people who use methadone and why they are on it, why they need to be on it and how long they should be on it. Last week I went to the prison in Windham for an interview a girl from Lewiston who is 26, and has been in and out of jail for more than a decade. She does not think methadone should be given out. It is ironic that I knew her when she was 12. I had her as a student in my camera club when she went to Longley Elementary School. She only went to school for another two years. I kinda figured she would end up in jail. She was doing drugs then, had an older boyfriend and was getting into trouble. She was a good kid, but had no family life and her circle of friends would only lead her down a bad road. A dozen plus years later she is ready to clean up her act and “grow up” in her own words. We have other interviews with other sources concerning this hot topic. It is scheduled to run this Sunday, but that may change as it might be too much to edit before the weekend. Whenever it runs, it should be very interesting, shedding light on all sides of the issue.


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