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Oxford Casino Opens

Click this link to check out the wicked cool video I shot at  the Oxford Casino opens

The much anticipated Oxford Casino opened today.  I went to the press conference and tour for the media in the early afternoon.  I was the only person from any media outlet allowed to shoot inside the casino during the VIP opening where they were allowed to gamble prior to the casino’s public opening.  It was a blast.   In this forum, I am able to view my personal opinions, unlike when I am representing the Sun Journal.  So here it is.  Gambling is a vice no doubt.  However, so it booze, cigarettes and food can be too.  I know there are people who have problems with all, both ethically, morally and physically.  I am one of the millions of people who have a beer once in while, don’t smoke, eat a little too much and went to Las Vegas twice.   I but a lottery ticket every once in a while, but know my odds of winning are crazy.  It’s fun to dream about what I would do with the winnings.  It’s worth the buck or two.   With this casino 20 minutes away, I may now choose to go have fun just watching people gamble.  I might drop 10 bucks, but it is no different than spending that much at the movies, going to a bar or whatever.  It is a choice.

The casino brings jobs and entertainment to our community and state.  It might just attract more businesses and tax paying citizens if not just rich skiers on their way through, or old leaf peepers in the fall.

That’s my opinion and that’s all it is.  An opinion.  I know many oppose the casino, but that’s their opinion.  The public voted on this issue and it gained approval.

Many who oppose it say we were mislead with the promises of a much bigger complex and this is only a fraction of what we got.   Rome was not built in a day.  This is the first of many phases of the casino project and I hope goes well.   They say it is a problem that a company from Vegas is running it.  My opinion.  Do you want a bunch of well intentioned, but not well versed local businessmen running it who have no experience in running a casino.  Or do you want a company who knows the ropes giving it a chance to survive.  Sure a lot of the money goes out of state, but what about the 90percent of the employees that now have a job, pay taxes and spend money locally.

The venture is a gamble, but in my video, the major investor Bob Bahre was right on the money when he came forward and admitted that he invested his money here to make a profit, who wouldn’t, but he makes his home (one of many) here and wanted to help the economy.  Hell, he could have invested that money elsewhere and made a quicker and possibly bigger return, but he chose to do it here.  Kudos.  Good luck to everyone, from the table boss to the average Joe walking through the doors.  While most who enter will loose their money, everyone wins in the long run.   The gambler may not win money, but they have a good time.   The out of state casino operators and investors make money.  The state and county wins because of the taxes they take in.  The casino workers make a wage, the business around get extra traffic and sales and on and on.  I have no doubt that there will be many who come because they are addicted to gambling and will neglect their children, loose their homes and many more scenarios attached to the vice.  Same with booze and other legal vices.  In moderation and with scrutiny, gambling is just one more form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by millions and have a positive influence on our economy.  Enough said!


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