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Up all night editing books

I published my first book.  In fact, I was up all last night publishing 8 of them.  Eight different, but same books.  This is the 20 something year I have taught a camera club at Longley Elementary School.  Each year I learn more about what the kids want to do.  Aside from coming to the class for the Mac’s Kettle Corn and mini tootsie rolls, we have fun taking photos and talking about all sorts of things.  In past years, the focus is more on working as a group and learning respect for others than learning about taking photos.  We take a group photo every time and I take some individual photos and give them a turn taking photos.  Some of them get it and are pretty good.  So, I wanted to do something different this year and looked online at producing a book.  They are under $10 each for a 20 page soft cover color book from WalMart.  I created blocks of photos that will be included in every book, 160 plus individual photos, but the cover and back will have their photo and their name.  Pretty cool.  I have never used them, so we will see how good their reproduction is.  For ten bucks, whatever! Here is a photo of the first meeting at the beginningish of school.  By the end of the year, it narrowed to about 8 kids who came on a regular basis, thus the 8 books.   Summer vacation is almost here.  Can you believe it!Image


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