Wallet update

Two weeks after my wallet was stolen from the bank, I patiently wait for the name of the jerk who took it.  When I talked to the police officer who came to take the initial report, I told him it would be the easiest case he would ever have.  Despite having video footage from at least 2 cameras and his name, police have been unable to track him down.  “It’s not the easiest case like you thought it would be.” said Officer Laliberte on my voice mail last week.  “First of all, he could say that he just found it and was returning it.  He lives out of town and we want to talk to him about a number of burglaries.  We are looking, but so far we have not been able to catch up with him.  We will let you know when we find out any more.”

He was returning the wallet?  Yeah sure.  Instead of handing it to a teller or manager 2 feet away, he walks over to Hannaford and drops it off at the ATM machine.  I suppose my wallet fell out of his hand and the cash and blank check inside just blew away.  Oh, and the credit cards and other documents also fell out and you placed them back.  It’s the only explanation why they were all in different spots.  Certainly he didn’t just pocket the cash and blank check and rummage through everything else looking for more.  20160216_182545

Thank goodness criminals are not very bright.  I assume he wasn’t concerned with the bank cards or credit cards, although I still had them frozen.  But there was a Hannaford gift card, Office Max and several other untraceable gift cards that he COULD have taken with no way to cancel them or track down who uses them.  Guess I kinda have a last laugh of sorts.

It was my fault that I forgot my wallet on the bank counter.  But it was there all of 4 or 5 minutes that I drove out of the bank parking lot and discovered it missing.  I drove around the block and went back in to discover it gone.  What are the odds that somebody as dishonest, and stupid, would walk in during that short time-frame.  I am betting 99% of the people who came through that door on that day would have picked it up and given it to a bank employee, or simply walked past not wanting to get involved.  Just my luck.

How desperate must he have been to take it, knowing that he was being recorded.  The cameras are incredibly obvious.  I am guessing that he has a rap sheet and with the impending new burglary charges, he does not care.  Besides, his mother made him do it.

The lessons learned from this are good for me.  The time wasted changing all my account numbers sucked.  The feeling of being compromised is eerie. But I stripped down what I keep in my wallet and I am more vigilant about everything now.

I hope the police soon catch up to the guy and I can ask what he was thinking taking a wallet inside a bank, in full view of cameras.  I’m betting the response won’t be printable, but most likely entertaining.


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