Last years Next bike

batesBIKE1Walking my faithful friend Allie most every day for the past 11 years through Bates College, I  often notice gradual changes in the scenery.  I also take note of some things that don’t.   There are more skateboards on the college campus these days, and the bicycles that are around, are nothing to write home about.  Basic modes of transportation sleep on a variety of bike racks scattered here and there throughout the campus. Last year I began to notice this bicycle that never moved all summer.  I surmised it was left by a graduating senior, or perhaps one on a semester abroad.  As winter approached, I would periodically whip out my smart phone and take a photo.  It’s been over a year now and I have a feeling the owner no long longs for their Next ride.batesBIKE7batesBIKE9batesBIKE3


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