Praise be to me

Former arena owner (Central Maine Youth, Civic  now Colisee) Roger Theriault called me today to ask about getting a photo of his granddaughter.   He made my morning as he gushed about how great a photo it was.  It made me feel good about my work.

Lewiston Rec Gymnastics

Tonight I just received an email from a longtime sports editor that made me feel good about my parenting,  and it made me feel unbeliveable.  I asked his permission to share.  He knows that my wife Ann is as much, if not more, responsible for Ryan.


I usually don’t offer words of comfort to just anyone simply because a majority of the time people just aren’t worthy of it. To be honest with you, I don’t let people get that close because few are genuine or to be less profound –

 I know you are a compassionate, loving dad who would stand in front of a tank for his children. You are a rare breed, my friend. We stand alone when it comes to loving our children. There are so few parents who keep a vigil for their children because they are selfish bastards. That’s why I don’t judge parents by the size of their wallet.

You do that and more for your kids, and that’s why Ryan’s leaving has sent your heart into a nosedive. I am just two years away from Anthony going out on his own, and like you, the globe will stop spinning when Master Anthony ventures out into a cruel world without me being by his side.

Ryan is a fine young man, but he didn’t become a gentleman overnight. You and your wife had a lot do with him becoming this wonderful human being,  and your love will undoubtedly get him through basic training because he knows he has a dad who gives a damn about him and the things in life that really fu%$# matter. Ryan is moving on, but he will never leave your heart. You have established an unbreakable bond between father and son. You guys are solid and that is so damn cool.


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