Goodbye to my best friend

Today was a long ways away.

RYANgoodbyeTen years ago I had a good idea my son Ryan would  some day join the military.  armyRY

Four years ago when he signed up for JROTC, I was pretty sure it would be the Air Force.  Ryan00143

He joined both JROTC and Army Cadets.           The physical nature of the Army and another chance to bond with those with similar aspirations was what drove him, but it was the tug of the Air Force that was his calling.  When he heard the food was better in the Air Force, I think that sealed the deal.  Plus, his Poppo was in the Air Force, and a man of tradition,  there was no question where he would end up.  An In Flight Refueling Specialist he is slated to become.  “I’ll be passing gas at 30,000 feet” was what he joked.  Basic training will be difficult and nearly an additional  year of specialized training will put the finishing touches on a young man I could not be more proud of.

Ryan00000The goose bumps on me jumped out of my skin like never before as I watched him being sworn in before jumping on a plane and flying off into the wild blue yonder today, February 19, 2013.  I was torn between the sadness of losing my little buddy and the knowledge that a young man will soon realize his potential.  I made the mistake of coming home, walking into his room and laying on his bed to smell his pillow.  I can’t tell you how torn I was with emotions, but in the end, I stopped feeling sorry for my loss and became elated that he was off to bigger and better things.    If you want to see a couple hundred photos of Ryan from now to when he was born, click here.


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  1. Pete

    Hey Russ – that is a wonderful tribute to a great young man – with Ryan and the rest of your beautiful family, you have lots to be proud of – hope you and the family are well.


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