Stairs…mini…and Class D hoops

There is no doubt I am a townie.  Born, raised, vowed to leave as a teen, and now raising a family here in LA-East Coast.   It is, however, a blessing in that it makes my job wicked easy with so many connections.  I got a call over the weekend, actually a facebook message, from Bob Callier, a Lewiston firefighter I have known forever.  His wife Bridget is a hoot and has been a source for many a story, and good enough to hire me to take their son’s senior photos a couple years back.  I digress.  troy

Bob called about a story idea he thought might be interesting for our newspaper readers, and help unearth some extra money for a fundraiser.               Click here to check out the video I shot and uploaded earlier today.

My iPad mini came today and I had to take a photo to show it off.  Sitting with amber minithe company big Mac and  little Macbook is the little gem that my ever so humble and quiet colleague, insert laugh here, and friend, Amber Waterman, liberated when I was not looking.  She left me something to remember her by for the next few weeks while she will be gone on medical leave.  She is having some non emergency surgery.  We will miss her.

Rangeley at Richmond boys basketball

The drive to Richmond to shoot boys and girls basketball seemed to take forever.  While Class D basketball lacks the skill and finesse of Class A, it certainly makes for great photos with all the diving for loose balls.

With  Amber out on medical leave and Jose Leiva being laid off last week, it is just Daryn Slover and me for the next few weeks.  I  have another week to go until my next day off,  and three of those days I will be the only staff photographer working.  If you see my wife and kids, tell them I miss them.  


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