MIA and nearly KIA

Mystery photo for January 13, 2013I just realized I have not posted anything in my blog since fall.  Talk about slacking.  I was reminded of this Sunday when I opened the paper and saw the mystery photo.  I remember the day I took the photo, my last work day before going on two weeks vacation,  and saying to myself how ironic this photo was since the statue represented a legend about a moose that was so struck with the beauty of the River Valley that it was distracted by it and fell over a cliff to it’s death.  About 15 minutes after taking this photo, I was scoping out another mystery photo on the banks of a stream and I too nearly fell to my  death, or at least a trip to the hospital.

MIAkiaIt was a cold morning and while it had not rained or snowed, the mist from the falls above had made the smooth concrete on the support for the bridge very slippery, even though it looked dry.  I was not paying much attention to where I was walking as it looked safe enough.  I was taken by the beauty of the falls and the the church steeple above when I stepped onto the slick concrete sloping down.  The second I stepped on it, my feet went out from under me and I slid down about 10 feet to within inches of the edge.  MIAkia2About a 25 foot drop below with jagged rocks and rushing water awaited.  I rolled over and carefully stood up.  Heart beating, the first thing I thought of was how lucky I was and had this feeling that my mother was looking out for me from the heavens above.  I shivered. My elbow and hip hurt, and I felt a little dizzy.  My vision was a bit blurred, and my focus was filled with an image of my mother smiling.  Surveying the scene, the laws of physics were defied.

Obit photo for Alice C. DillinghamThe slope of the concrete, the angle I had approached, and my momentum surly should have sent me over the edge.  It was a miracle I had not gone over the edge.  I said a prayer and thanked mom for watching over me.  She was always worried about my safety and I know it was her watching over me at that moment.    There was no other explanation.  I thought about having to blog about this, but as usual, I got caught up with other things that came up, finishing projects that needed taking care of before leaving for vacation, I never got the chance. I never took the time to do it, but now, looking back on it, I don’t know why it took so long to thank my mother for saving me that day.

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