Bad dad start to a long day

My youngest teens got in a fight just before going out the door to school this morning.  Two teens irritating each other and knowing which buttons to push.  Poking the bear too much will get you a paw upside the head more often than not.  Why the younger and smaller ones choose to martyr themselves is beyond me, but I am told it is normal, to an extent.  Not sure where the line is.

Something needed to be done, but flipping out was not the thing to do.  I snapped and it was wrong.  I yelled and said things I can not take back.   Every parent does it.  Some more than others, and some crossing the line.  But where IS the line.  I guess it’s a sliding scale, depending on your moral compass.  Either way, it has haunted me for the entire day.  To make matters worse, I only got to talk with them briefly over the phone after school as my work day started just before they got out of school.  All day I have not stopped thinking about it, and it makes me sick to think I let my frustrations, frustrations that have nothing to do with my sons, cause me to react like an idiot.  It was a powder keg of emotions first thing in the morning at the beginning of the school year.  Still no excuse for it.  However, I’ll cook them a great breakfast and they’ll forgive me if I even mention it.  Talk it cheap.  Hugs and actions are the real deal

The Greek Festival was my first assignment today and I was forced to eat some traditional delicacies.  It would simply be rude not to.  Customs and all you know. 

I didn’t spill a thing on my shirt as I wolfed down the delicious Gyro made “especially” for me on my way to the Lewiston Cross Country meet with three other teams.  I couldn’t believe how well my son Kevin’s friend, and pseudo son of mine, did.  Only a sophomore, Isaiah Harris finished fourth and keeps impressing everyone.

Next on tap was a photo to promote the Museum L-A’s mini Maker Faire.  A cool idea that is the rage of many cultural venues that bring artists, craftsmen and a variety of entertainment and enrichment of culture and history on display, at the Bates Mill Complex Saturday.

Back to the office to download, upload, and caption the photos before heading off to Winthrop for a football game.  Staff Photographer Amber Waterman(who, according to my mother in law, is shooting better sports photos than I am presently.  I might have to agree…….for now) was just about to leave for the Lewiston football game she was covering.  We have a 400mm f2.8 Nikon lens that we all share in the department and is the shiz for shooting sports.  Usually the person who is shooting the game that will be the lead photo in sports gets to use it. It was a toss-up according to newly crowned sports editor, Justin Pelletier.  So we flipped.  She won the toss.  Could have used it as the light at LHS is much better than in the Winthrop bowl.  Insert whine and whimper here.  After “technical difficulties” due to some malfunctioning software, I finally managed to upload the photo gallery I created with my photos and checked with the copy desk and sports desk to make sure they were all set.  As I headed out the door, I actually said.  Call me if the town burns down, but not for a standoff or something boring to shoot.  No sooner did I walk out the door to the parking lot, Ryan, my oldest calls me and asks for a ride if I was leaving work soon.  He was one of the last to leave the Lewiston football field after the game as he stays and helps clean up and put things away. He is still involved with the army cadets, and will until he leaves for basic training (Air Force), and imagine will long after he retires, which will be after a long and decorated career.

After just opening my second beer, I got a call from Karen on the desk at the SJ.  A two alarm fire at Formed Fiber in Auburn.  I have been to many, and they are all the same.  Unlike a mill fire with flames and interesting elements to film, these are all deep inside the massive plant and all there is to shoot is trucks in the parking lot.  Most of the photos are pretty static.  With video, at least there is sound and a way to piece a short video with a creative flair.  It’s nothing fantastic, and won’t make my portfolio, but I hope worth a minute and a half of your time. Click here to watch it.

I’ll talk at you later, but it is nearly 4am am and I am finally getting tired.  Another long day coming up tomor…today.


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