Down on the corner

One day I am covering cute kids dancing to music at Fountain Park, another I record the other side of the city I grew up in.  As a journalist, I see the good, bad and ugly. I have been telling stories with still images for three decades.  Now equipped with a video camera, I can better capture the sights and sounds of my city as it evolves, or perhaps, regress.  My city has changed a lot since I was a kid.  Like many other across the nation, the people who inhabit them, the culture, the language and behavior have changed.  If you are easily offended, do not watch this video.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.



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3 responses to “Down on the corner

  1. That’s a disturbing muffin top and the fly down is a classic, too.


  2. shawn

    Nicely done Russ.. I like that you dont only show the bad .. but other community efforts as well as events, in your videos . UNFORTUNATLY this is a BIG part of what Lewiston has become . Thank you for keeping us aware. xo


  3. Rayne Poussard

    From the space station we look back on the planet earth and see a world with raging wars and mans inhumanity to man abounds. Cites in agitation and the Twin Cities are no exception. The tragedy is some people think they need to be in the streets packing heat. These are all unsettling scenes of street life and confrontations that the police must deal with to keep the powder keg from exploding. The police have the greatest task and balancing act to perform. The police also are not without agitation and grievances of their own with the city, management and their union for pay and benefit issues.


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