End of a long, loud and tough working weekend

Friday night’s late race at OPS didn’t see me arriving at Sunday River until nearly 11:00.  Up early and out on the course for a day full of mud, water and walking.  The Tough Mountain Challenge lived up to it’s name not only on the course, but for me, the toughest part was wrestling with an unfamiliar computer and software.  Not only was the downloading and rendering of the raw video time consuming, I way, way, overshot, having over 100 clips to edit.  The software and interface was much slower than I was used to and it took nearly 4 hours to edit, and then another 2 to upload and embed into our newspaper’s software. What a night.  It was nearly midnight before I finished and turned off the lights.  Up and out the door this morning and off to Oxford Plains Speedway for the biggest race of the year, the TD Bank 250.  Despite that fact that I was the only person covering the race, it went well.  Lots of walking, dust and dirt flying all over the place and wicked loud noise.  The race went off without a hitch, and it was one of the fastest I have ever covered, finishing up early, allowing me to get back to the office and edit my video, post it and now I’m ready to go home and take a much needed shower.  Check out the video here.Image


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