Tough Man Challenge lives up to its name on and off the course

Yesterday’s Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River (click here to watch the video I shot) was a thing of beauty, in so many ways, but one incident left a sour taste in my mouth the rest of the day, and still does not sit well.  The weather, the course, the people.  Everybody was having a great time.   I was having a great d    ay at the office, my mobile office, that is.  All was well until I invaded the personal space of a guy shooting video that didn’t like me “getting in his way.”  He went off on me,  slapping my camera away and yelling profanities at me.  He made a scene,  and I felt bad.

After a minute of calming down,  I considered confronting him about it. Because, in fact, and I have it on video if he ever wanted to challenge me on it.  Minutes prior to his going off on me, this guy  steps right through my shot while I was shooting the previous obstacle.   There were 16 obstacles on the course, and it was at the number 4 where I walked up and noticed him shooting the entrance of a tunnel.  I chose to go to the exit, didn’t want to screw up his shot, it was a tight area.  I set  up and began shooting people coming through.  A few minutes later he comes down the trail and right through my shot.

I didn’t think much of it as this  happens all the time when I go to events where it’s a media circus.  Today was no different, except there were many more “regular folks”  shooting their family and friends competing.   So, I was aware of not trying to get into their shots either, but it happens now and again.  No big deal.  For most.  He was young, as I was once a long while ago.  After three decades I now let things slide where I too might have “gone off” on an old guy poaching my shot back in the day.  I totally understand.

That was yesterday, today is another day and while he is probably just getting to edit his shoot, mine was online yesterday and now I am at Oxford Plains Speedway shooting the big race, rubbing elbows with another set of photographers and videographers.    I know most of these guys,  seasoned professionals that will all be squeezing together in the sweaty press box and on top of the roof where we are elbow to elbow.


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