Out of breath skidder run

On my way into work yesterday, two days ago now, I heard a call on my scanner that police were being dispatched for a woman on River Road calling in saying she can hear a man yelling for help in the woods behind her house.  I headed in that direction, could be something.  I hear one cop giving directions to another that he is about 300 feet in the woods with a man trapped under his skidder.  I pressed a little more on the gas and arrived shortly after. Getting out of my car, I can hear them yelling, the skidder still running.  I try to find a path through the woods, but there is none, just downed branches and logs, a stream to cross and lots of slash.  Too much gear to take everything, so I opt for my video bag and head in.  At one point I had to roll over a pile of slash as I was waist deep in it.  About half way there I hear the skidder shut off.  I turn on my camera.  Glad I chose not to wear shorts.  Check out the video here.Image


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